Recruit, retain, and perform – all in one tool.

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RIZE is your contactless trial tool

We streamline all of your daily processes to one digital application. Manage multiple sites and multiple patients from one dashboard. Don't forget to automate enrollment and capture their data remotely. All while keeping patients engaged with our virtual conferencing tool and giving them the opportunity to track their trial. Personalizing each experience

By giving patients remote access to your study via any mobile device. We help you cut costs and reduce your overhead.

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Reinventing the Patient Experience

By using artificial intelligence we can leverage our growing global participant database to help patients find the right study, the first time. Our mission is to build virtual marketplace for clinical trials. Giving people control of their healthcare and bridging the gap between ordinary people and extraordinary research.

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For Clinicians

Research projects are as unique as you are. With our-one-stop-shop platform you can avoid the complicated and expensive. Instead, you can access the distinctive services and support you need—while staying within your budget.

For Research Institutes

Clinical trials are a group affair—so why use a program that isn’t a real team player? We provide tailored plans for academic research institutes, allowing each of your departments to make use of one dynamic plan. Improve your staff’s overall user experience, save time, and cut costs..

For Contract Research Organizations

We understand the need for adaptability in any commercial research centre. Our centralized platform can accommodate multiple sites and project managers, improving your team’s communication and increasing your Return on Investment.

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We’re On Your Side

We work with you to provide the best experience in clinical trials. We want everyone involved to be able to seamlessly integrate RIZE into their day to day. Our tools were built by researchers for researchers. We understand what it takes to get research done right and on time.

Together we will get innovative treatment to the right patients faster and more cost effectively.

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Security and support you can trust

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About Rize

About Rize

Rize Health provides clinical trial access, on-demand. Our participant-centric platform is the foundation of your virtual clinical trial. By introducing enrollment, trial design, monitoring, and data capture - right from your fingertips, we make it convenient to participate in clinical trials.

We understand first hand the burden it is to organize and coordinate a clinical trial. When our Co-Founder and CTO Nahuel Bulian, was 22 years old, he was diagnosed with Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD). He understands the burden the patient feels during a trial. Not to mention the frustration of another failed attempt. Coupled with Adrian Ferreira’'s experience working in the research industry they are able to build a compliant platform that resonates with the patients.

Were talking about healthcare - the future of everyone's health care. So at RIZE, we decided to introduce a contactless solution that engages patients. Like a Fitbit tracks your steps - RIZE tracks your trial. Motivating you to take control of your health. Clinical trials made simple.

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Rize strives to reinvent medical technology by giving professional researchers the most innovative solutions on the market.

Our mission

To change how patients interact with researchers by introducing the first digital and contactless marketplace for clinical trials.


Participant management that puts your needs first

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