Author: Reese

Monitoring service – Definition

Monitoring service is able to deliver a constant observance of a server or a network for all kinds of issues, for instance, a component failure or slow traffic. The tools allow scanning of the particular network and detect and inform the administrator. When an issue appears, it sends a text or email. This service significantly helps administrators in finding and fixing issues.  Read more details about the Monitoring service!

What does TTL mean?

Time-to-live, or for short TTL, represents a mechanism that determines the lifespan or lifetime of data in a device or network. TTL (Time-to-live) may be executed as a counter or timestamp attached to or implanted in the data. Once the time expires or the hop limit is reached, the data is discarded or revalidated. Find more interesting details about TTL (Time-to-live)!

What is a Recursive DNS server?

The Recursive DNS server, also known as DNS resolver, is a server that receives the DNS queries from the web browsers of the users. Then it is responsible for searching for the needed IP address and providing it to the user. Discover more information about the Recursive DNS server.

PTR record explained

The PTR record is a very popular DNS record and is also commonly known as the Pointer record. Its purpose is to map an IP address to the domain name that corresponds to it. It serves exactly the opposite function of the A record, which directs the domain name to its IP address (IPv4). The Pointer record is commonly used in Reverse DNS lookups, a query that starts with the IP address and looks up the domain name. Learn more information about the PTR record!